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We strive to provide reliable deep reinforcement learning related content, reviewed by experts. These include learning materials for different knowledge levels, as well as showcases of where the reinforcement learning can be applied. The intention of this project is to extend styles and point of views on how we communicate. Some find academic papers too formal, others look at introductory blog posts as lacking. We understand and embrace that people are different. Let us help others learn and be paid for it.

Application process

Use our contact page to submit your idea and provide some details about your background. We read all applications and will contact everyone within a working few days regardless of decision.
If your proposal is accepted then we will work with you to refine details of the plan. This might take a few back and forth emails to polish a few things.
When all is set and green light is given, it is time to write. Although we don't want to influence your style we will provide some guidance if needed.
You've looked at it many times and it feels good? Let us have a look as well. We aren't reviewer #3 but we want the content to be of high quality and so we'll likely have some comments.
This is it. Time to submit your work and payment details. We send your honorarium within 2 business days. Your work is added to the queue.
It's time for the world to see your work! You will receive a confirmation email and a link to your work. We will share your work through our social media channels and you are welcome to share as well.

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Frequently asked questions

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